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Two Concert Bands

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Two Jazz Bands

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Percussion Ensemble

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Marching Band

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Dance, Flag, and Majorette Ensembles

Why stay in band? 

Playing in a high school band can be a rewarding experience for students. Not only does it provide an opportunity to develop musical skills, but it also fosters teamwork and discipline. Being part of a band can also help students build confidence and self-esteem, as they work towards common goals and perform in front of audiences. Check out the video from Be A Part of the Music on why band is for you!

  • Are there auditions for high school band?
    Yes, the concert bands and the jazz bands require an audition. Students will receive information on audition for the following year around March of the previous year. Jazz band auditions will take place at the conclusion of marching season.
  • Do I have to be enrolled in a Band class in order to participate in Marching Band?
    Yes. Our concert band classes are the foundation of our program. We want our Marching Band members to be outstanding musicians, and being enrolled in a Band class provides the best opportunity for members to improve their skills.
  • How do I join band at the high school?
    Put band on our course selection card and fill out the band intent form.
  • Can I take band every year and still have enough credits to graduate?
    Yes. Every student must have at least three (3) Career Technical Education, Arts Education, and/or Foreign Language credits in order to graduate. Because there are different “levels” of the Concert Band class, students will receive an Arts Education credit each year they are enrolled in Band. So you will meet the requirement, and will also still be able to take Band a fourth year if you choose.
  • When does the Marching Band rehearse?
    Because it is an extracurricular activity, the Marching Band at HHS meets exclusively after-school. Before the school year starts, students will participate in Band Camp, where we learn all of the music and drill for our Marching Band Halftime Show. This typically occurs about two weeks before the start of the school year. During the Fall Semester, we will rehearse 3 days a week after school. As we approach the end of the football season, the number of rehearsals each week will decrease.
  • What are the costs for high school band?
    We ask that every band student pay a set of fees, as outlined in our Band Handbook. This money allows us to buy music, book venues for concerts, pay for instruments to be repaired and maintained, etc. For most students, these fees total $300 per year. While these costs may seem high, we provide numerous fundraising opportunities for each and every child and ensure that no one is excluded due to financial issues.
  • What band class should I register for?
    All upcoming 9th graders should sign up for Concert Band. We will come down to the middle school to hear your child play. If a schedule change is required based on their musical skill sets, we will make the change for you.
  • What are the different ensembles I can participate in?
    We have numerous performing ensembles your student can be a part of at HHS. A list of those ensembles, as well as more information about those ensembles, can be found on our website.
  • I want to do band, but my family cant afford it.
    We do not let cost be a factor is participation in our band program. We hold multiple fundraiser throughout the year to assist students in paying their fees! Usually, around 50%-60% of students are able to completely pay their fees from fundraisers!
  • Can I do music and sports?
    Yes! We believe students should have a well-rounded education, which includes participating in other sports and activities along with music. There might be occasional conflicts, but we work closely with the other faculty and coaches to resolve as many conflicts as possible before they occur.
  • Is participation in Marching Band required?
    No, however we encourage all students to be a part of the Pride of Patriot Parkway! Marching Band is a great way to participate in football games, and it is our most-seen ensemble in the band program!
  • What is the time commitment for high school band?
    Most of high school band is during the day! Winds and percussion players have one block of band each day for the entire year. Marching band is a completely after-school activity. Marching band meets in the Fall semester only on Monday's from 3:30-5:30. Certain after school concerts and competitions are required, and are communicated through email and our band website.
  • How much out of school time is required?
    The many ensembles have different requirements for participation. Some ensembles require very little (less than standard homework) while other ensembles require more substantial commitment. Generally, the greater the level of commitment, the greater the reward and memories. Regardless of the ensemble, a year-long calendar will be provided well in advance to help you plan for these events.
  • Can I rent an instrument?
    Students are encouraged to rent intermediate or professional model instruments from music retailers, but we do have a limited number of instruments for rent. Larger instruments, such as tuba, bari sax, and baritone, are rented from the school.
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