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The "Pride of Patriot Parkway" Marching Band

Commitment, Communication, Camaraderie

The "Pride of Patriot Parkway" Marching Band is the premier athletic band at Hillcrest High School, performing at all home and away football games to support the Hillcrest Patriots. The marching band is comprised of woodwind, brass, percussion, and visual members in grades 9-12.

Membership in this organization is open to members of the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Jazz Band. This group rehearses exclusively after school, and all rehearsals and performances are required events.

All expectations, requirements, and fees for this group are listed our Band Handbook (link below). Please be sure to read the handbook in full if you plan to participate in this group.

Students must receive director's approval to be involved in this ensemble.

"Pride of Patriot Parkway" Marching Band: Student Life

Hillcrest High School Marching Band Music

2022-2023 School Year

The music for the 2022-2023 Hillcrest High School Marching Band halftime show can be found below.

Please find and print the music for your instrument. For instruments with multiple parts (trumpet, trombone, etc.), pick the part that you feel you will be most comfortable playing. The Directors may change your part assignment at any time. If this happens, we will provide you with new music.

All music on the website is full sized, meaning it will not fit in a flip folder. This is for you to go ahead and start practicing. We will provide flip folder sized music at registration.



Alto Saxophone

Tenor Sax





Percussion: No percussion parts are currently available. You will receive an email when they are posted.

Part 1 - Snare Drum

Part 1 - Tenor Drums

Part 1 - Bass Drums

Part 2 - Snare Drum

Part 2 - Tenor Drums

Part 2 - Bass Drums

Part 3 - Snare Drum

Part 3 - Tenor Drums

Part 3 - Bass Drums


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